From the Sketchbook: Bat Droppings of The Mind.

For artistic projects, I have discipline and patience. When it comes to sketching and doodling, I’d rather just grab a pen and get going. This new category of sketches and doodles, these Bat Droppings, are almost always executed in pen from the start, so any mistake in proportion, perspective, etc., are there for all to see. I am human, mostly.


From the Sketchbook of Dark Oak Creations

These sketches are done either to amuse my fickle mind, or to flesh out prop or sculpting ideas. They are accomplished with immediacy as the goal, to get the idea of the image or concept on paper. The page below turned out a fun prop the kids really liked.


From the sketchbook of Dark Oak Creations


Magic Fountain. The kids would stare at the water spilling “magically” from the skull.

Feel free to use any of the ideas to create your own prop.  Copyright laws still apply to the art.  Just play nice and give me credit if you publish it.


From the sketchbook of Dark Oak Creations