As usual, I must add this disclaimer page to protect myself from people who, for one reason or another, might feel it necessary to file a lawsuit or otherwise harass me over some imagined slight or defamation. From time to time, I do add fictitious people, places, and things in my blog content. I do this to give the blog more entertainment value. Such a post is often recognized by the photo or concept of a creature not found in the fossil record.  Some of the places and all of the concept creatures in these “entertainment” posts and pages are not real.  Any similarity between a person, living or dead, in these posts is coincidental. I abhor plagiarism; any bit of content belonging to another and not so credited is unintentional or because I could not find the true author of the work. Contact me with any concern over such an item and I will be happy to give credit for it, or remove the work in question.

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