Man Plans,

God laughs.

How true this Yiddish proverb is at times. I have lost almost an entire year to health and other issues. I have not created anything of note since March. Halloween, my most favorite of holidays, passed with me crouched behind locked doors, the porch light dark, only a Halloween welcome mat and a lone, un-carved pumpkin evidence of celebration. The bags of candy, bought in wishful enthusiasm, traveled to work with me November 1.

Halloween Post-It sketches

Halloween Post-It sketches during mini-breaks at work.

I did, however, manage to make the above Bat Droppings in the days leading up to Halloween. Unfortunately, my new studio is only a half-realized effort down in the new basement, so real work likely won’t start until December.

With luck, Chaos will ignore me for a time, and let me find the creative groove again.

I hope you all had a spooky Halloween and felt the true chilly warmth of the season!

Happy Haunts.

Post Easter.

Or, a cure for the Easter Cute.

If you have overdosed on the holiday, perhaps a little Monty Python will cheer you. After all, one can only eat so many Peeps and chocolate bunnies, or watch small relatives in sticky bunny suits quest for brightly colored eggs.

Shared from Matt Lockwood’s Youtube upload. Thanks, Matt.

“It’s just a harmless little bunny, isn’t it?”

I love it.

Happy haunts.