Christmas Gift Horror.

Amid the Christmas morning carnage a gift surfaced that warmed the toes of my soul.  My daughter gave me a book that will wrap me in hours of inspiration and obsession.  “The Art of Horror,” an illustrated history edited by Stephen Jones, is a work of art in itself.


The cover alone hooked me.  Inside, artworks of horror and themes monstrous fill the pages.  For a horror fan of word, film, and art, this book is a discovery of the best kind. It is a welcome addition to my studio bookshelf.


As you can see from the Contents Page, the effort is comprehensive.  It runs from grade B horror flick posters to Lovecraft’s Cthulhu and is chocked full of classic as well as little-known horror art.


This is good stuff.  I would show more but now I’m sidetracked and want to read the book.

December Darkness.

cropped-orchardfoxmoon.png“The fox went out on a windy night, and prayed to the moon to give him light.” –Old Folk  Song.

Sigh. I’m caught in the gray space between Christmas and New Year’s, the Holiday Doldrums. The house guests have left, my work is sporadic, complicated as many “workers” are still out of office until the new year, no one answering phones or emails.  As it should be, but does not help the post-Christmas blues.

The scene above I doodled out with the venerable “Paint” program. I’ve considered getting Z Brush and other art applications, but I still like the old school feel of the pen or brush in my hand, the living texture of the paper or clay, and the instant link between the Muse, myself, and the medium.