The Green Man

Here in the grip of the Mid Winter Blahs, I offer the hope of spring. The Green Man is a pagan symbol of rebirth (as well as death), of the cyclical dynamic of nature’s character. This a green man I sculpted for a water feature several years ago. The Virginia creeper was kind enough to drape itself around the cast in an artful manner.


Green Man

I cast too many of these concrete features. I stored them outside. These two are the last.


An early prototype Green Man

The Green Man symbols seeks to remind us that there is life after death. The wheel in the sky turns, and all is as it should be.



Halloween Mini-Monsters

Gee, Uncle Dark Oak, why don’t you ever make something for us?


Two little nieces, both deserving to be spoiled to the limit and who know more about horror


Broken Bonds. And, hungry!

movies than this old man, asked for some “horribles.”

Halloween was shuffling at a deceptively fast pace toward me. I grabbed some sticks and glue and got busy.

I managed to snap these shots before sending the creations off to the girls.


These were fun to make. Perhaps one day I will have time to indulge myself and make more of these little wall-hangers.










Crazy lil’ winged thing. I cheated and used a store-bought skull.


A Closer Look at the Escaping Prisoner.

God, I love Halloween.


Snow on the pumpkin

Snow on the pumpkin, blood on the plow*.

With apologies to John Mellencamp, this is how it looks and feels to see Halloween and autumn, glorious autumn, slipping into the past, following the last of the dull, threadbare leaves that fall to rot in the drifts among their kin.


Snow on the pumpkins.

* shifted lyrics from John Cougar Mellencamp’s Scarecrow album 1985, Scarecrow in the Rain

Those two faded orbs, once so luminous with life and wild, joyous celebration, slip into gradual oblivion, leaving their crowns for the next generation’s glory. But, a new court forms, and the next season of the witch is glimpsed through the corridor of time.


Finding Pumpkinrot.

The corruptions of my youth, comic books, Creepy’s and Vampirella’s, horror and science fiction movies and books, I learned were not the inspirations of true artistic effort. My high school art teacher made that plain. For years after, I had an “on again off again” relationship with my artistic path, painting and sculpting more conventional themes.

Breaking out.

However, a few years ago I found a blog while satisfying my childish infatuation with Halloween.  An artist called Pumpkinrot was sculpting and constructing intense, macabre scarecrows and other Halloween props in such a fearsome, natural, organic style that the creations seemed alive, or at least to have once lived. As so many others have been, I was captivated by his work.


“Roots” by Pumpkinrot.

Above: The photo is from his blog and reflects his unique theatrical flare. Fantastic, huh?

These are supposed to be Halloween “props,” but I know fine art when I see it. I made two “props” for my own Halloween Night after his style and felt energized by the experience. The shackles of the Gallery  People rotted and fell from my mind.

Steps Scarecrow

Smilin’ Jack.  Just a jack-o-lantern head on a stick.

This simple jack’o lantern prop changed my artistic mindset.  It was a fast, fun build, and had the same effect on me as one of those exercises writer’s use to break writer’s block. It is fun to make monsters. I knew that as a kid; I’m not sure how I let convention stifle that.


Smilin’ Jack lit up!


The photos below show the next prop I made in ‘Rot style, a corpse-on-a-stick.


Hybrid Corpse in Progress

Anyway, if you like this stuff, you must check out Pumpkinrot.  He is a true master. His photo sets and videos are intense and remarkable, his work featured in two movies (Mr. Jones and Krampus) and record covers. Thank you, Pumpkinrot!

I will leave you with one more of his . . .


Pumpkinrot’s iconic Pumpkin Sentinels.

From the Sketchbook: Bat Droppings of The Mind.

For artistic projects, I have discipline and patience. When it comes to sketching and doodling, I’d rather just grab a pen and get going. This new category of sketches and doodles, these Bat Droppings, are almost always executed in pen from the start, so any mistake in proportion, perspective, etc., are there for all to see. I am human, mostly.


From the Sketchbook of Dark Oak Creations

These sketches are done either to amuse my fickle mind, or to flesh out prop or sculpting ideas. They are accomplished with immediacy as the goal, to get the idea of the image or concept on paper. The page below turned out a fun prop the kids really liked.


From the sketchbook of Dark Oak Creations


Magic Fountain. The kids would stare at the water spilling “magically” from the skull.

Feel free to use any of the ideas to create your own prop.  Copyright laws still apply to the art.  Just play nice and give me credit if you publish it.


From the sketchbook of Dark Oak Creations