Halloween Surprise.

What a curious congregation.  What Devil’s work is this?


“We are gathered here,”


“On this hallowed night,”


“to join two spirits, who have long been separated,”



“in eternal matrimony.” 

“That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts. Whose people passing at night on the empty walks sound like rain. . . .”

>From The October Country, by Ray Bradbury.  Click for more info.



Reading in red.

This post is a preview of a short–very short–attempt at a video. The learning curve to “doing it all” is a steep hill with sharp rocks at the bottom. But, real fun usually has an element of danger, so the bumps, bruises and broken feelings are just part of the roller coaster haunted house ride.

Happy haunting.



Vintage Halloween, 1965.

First Halloween Party. No girls allowed. This was 1965, after all.

marty's halloween party sarasota

From the top: Pirate, Skeleton, Micky, Skull Face, and Felix, all prepped for mayhem. 

Dig those crew-cuts!

This was a time when kids ran the neighborhoods barefoot and unencumbered by parental supervision beyond, “Be home by 9:00.” Trick or Treating was the maximum freedom. The 9:00 pm curfew extended until 11 or even midnight. This was plenty of time for mischief and learning how not to tip over a Porta Potty.

Halloween was also the night all the “Old man Johnson’s” got their comeuppance. The culmination of a years worth of threats against the neighborhood kids came due this night.  Three or more “Stay out of my yard!” warnings rated soaped windows or toilet paper in the trees. The more grievous crimes rated eggs on the walls, letting air let out of their car tires, or worse–dog poo in the mailbox.  What great fun!

For more retro fun, check out www.monsterbashnews.com



Monday Morning Skeleton.

Ugh. Monday morning. This guy is no help. He just waits for me to begin work.


“Stop staring at me!”

I will leave you with a monstery poem while I find motivation–and coffee.


There’s monsters in my closet,

They came to say hello

They want to take me someplace

But I don’t want to go.

–By Hailey Elizabeth  at Hellopoetry.com



Sidney Sime.

Sidney Sime (1867-1941) began his illustration career in the Late Victorian era.

The_Ship_of_Yoharneth (1)

The Ship of Yoharneth, by Sidney Sime.

He is known best for his fantastical illustrations of the stories by Lord Dunsany.

368px-Romance_Comes_Down_Out_of_Hilly_Woodlands (1)

Romance Comes Down, by Sidney Sime.

Anyone who is a student or fan of fantasy art will eventually find the dreamy, ornate, and spiritually laced works of Sime. I would like to see one of his works on a large scale, say, a ten-foot tall wall mural. Nothing else in the viewing room but a low couch of throw cushions, a bowl of grapes, a hookah pipe. The room is dim, only a single soft light illuminating the mural. But for now, I must settle for book and online views.


The Soul of Andelsprutz, by Sidney Sime.

For more information, visit The Sime Gallery.


Swamp Witch.

Meanwhile, deep in the swamp . . .


“Go forth, my child!”

“Stay off the track to Hattie’s shack, in the back of the Black Bayou.”

Lyrics from Swamp Witch, Jim Stafford, 1974.

Check out the entire recording matched with some cool artwork on Youtube.

Photo by Dark Oak Creations.






Spring has Sprung.

The ice has melted. Some one did not use enough chain and concrete block.  Rookies.


When the ice melts, winter’s secrets are revealed.                                             Dark Oak Creations, 2017.

“Take away the horror of the situation. Take away the tragedy of her death. Take away all the moral and ethical considerations you’ve had drummed into you since childhood, and what are you left with? A 105 lb. problem.”

Kyle Fisher, Very Bad Things
–from TVtropes.
When I go on a wandering photo shoot, I never know what I’ll find. Enjoy.

Jack o’ Lantern

I often have left over spray or hard foam from a large project.


01/2017 It is never too early to start Halloween!

I dislike wasting materials or time.

The “leftover” extra raw foam I put to use getting a start on smaller projects like this Jack o’ Lantern. Jack will become the head of a scarecrow by September. Also, it is almost impossible to create a Halloween type project without becoming excited for the witching season all over again. Benefits all around!