On Little Cat Feet.

I am mostly a dog person and have lived with many over the years. However, I’ve nearly always lived with several cats at once, too.


“Leave me alone, mortal. I’m plotting.”

Many of the cats adopted me, even after I explained that, mostly, I was a dog person. Catlike, they did not argue. They just ignored my protests and attached themselves to me anyway. I have adapted to this arrangement; although the midnight bazooka-barfings at the edge of the bed still tend to startle me.


“Let me help you with that.”

Here’s a couple of cat quotes for your philosophic considerations.

“I have my favorite cat, who is my paperweight, on my desk as I am writing.”

—Ray Bradbury

And another from The Old Man himself.

“One cat just leads to another.” —Ernest Hemingway

Happy Haunting!



Monday Morning Skeleton.

Ugh. Monday morning. This guy is no help. He just waits for me to begin work.


“Stop staring at me!”

I will leave you with a monstery poem while I find motivation–and coffee.


There’s monsters in my closet,

They came to say hello

They want to take me someplace

But I don’t want to go.

–By Hailey Elizabeth  at Hellopoetry.com



Sidney Sime.

Sidney Sime (1867-1941) began his illustration career in the Late Victorian era.

The_Ship_of_Yoharneth (1)

The Ship of Yoharneth, by Sidney Sime.

He is known best for his fantastical illustrations of the stories by Lord Dunsany.

368px-Romance_Comes_Down_Out_of_Hilly_Woodlands (1)

Romance Comes Down, by Sidney Sime.

Anyone who is a student or fan of fantasy art will eventually find the dreamy, ornate, and spiritually laced works of Sime. I would like to see one of his works on a large scale, say, a ten-foot tall wall mural. Nothing else in the viewing room but a low couch of throw cushions, a bowl of grapes, a hookah pipe. The room is dim, only a single soft light illuminating the mural. But for now, I must settle for book and online views.


The Soul of Andelsprutz, by Sidney Sime.

For more information, visit The Sime Gallery.


Swamp Witch.

Meanwhile, deep in the swamp . . .


“Go forth, my child!”

“Stay off the track to Hattie’s shack, in the back of the Black Bayou.”

Lyrics from Swamp Witch, Jim Stafford, 1974.

Check out the entire recording matched with some cool artwork on Youtube.

Photo by Dark Oak Creations.






Winter Kill.

Lonely places remove the blindfold from our eyes. For some, this is terrifying.

I went for a walk.


Forgotten part of the Old Wiley Farm near Dark Oak, Missouri. This section has been forgotten so long it is turning into woods.

You never know what you’ll find.


Face to face with Mortality. 

The coyotes, or something, has stripped this poor pilgrim clean. Mother Nature is red of tooth and claw.

We all have a tiger on our back trail.


Phantom Sighting.

Hobbies take place in the cellar and smell of airplane glue.

–John Updike.

I think John knew. . . things.


Thing in the Dark.        By Dark Oak Creations.


“…I saw the infernal Thing blocking my path in the twilight. The dead travel fast, and by short cuts unknown to ordinary coolies. I laughed aloud a second time, and checked my laughter suddenly, for I was afraid I was going mad.”

— Rudyard Kipling, The Phantom Rickshaw

More Madness.




Portrait of the Apparition.

In which and where at, we find an end to this post.

Happy haunting.

End .