Links of Halloween and Other Things.


Linked In. Photo from Pixabay, Amber Avalona   The site of the Halloween Prop Master.

Haunt Forum A forum for Halloween Haunt enthusiasts.

Dark Oak Creations website  Okay. This is just a shameless promotion of a site still in-work.

Skeleton Store   Bones for sale.

Smooth-On,  Inc  Mold making and casting supplies.

The Hot Wire Foam Factory    All things needed to create with foam.

The Compleat Sculptor    Sculpting supply house.

Bucky Skeletons & Props        More bones and such.

The Monster Makers     One of the better prop and prop making supply houses

Wicked Eyez Contact Lenses   High quality lenses at reasonable prices.

Brick in the Yard Mold Supply  Another quality supply house.

Something WicKED This Way Comes    A wicked good Halloween and Horror blog.

Odd Things I’ve Seen Travel blog of spooky places by book author & regular guy, J.W.Ocker.

Highbury Cemetery   This Halloween centered site has it all–props, haunts, music etc. Is fun!

Artstudio918  The fantastic sculpture of Rob Cobasky. Monstrous, macabre, apocalyptic goodness.


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