On Little Cat Feet.

I am mostly a dog person and have lived with many over the years. However, I’ve nearly always lived with several cats at once, too.


“Leave me alone, mortal. I’m plotting.”

Many of the cats adopted me, even after I explained that, mostly, I was a dog person. Catlike, they did not argue. They just ignored my protests and attached themselves to me anyway. I have adapted to this arrangement; although the midnight bazooka-barfings at the edge of the bed still tend to startle me.


“Let me help you with that.”

Here’s a couple of cat quotes for your philosophic considerations.

“I have my favorite cat, who is my paperweight, on my desk as I am writing.”

—Ray Bradbury

And another from The Old Man himself.

“One cat just leads to another.” —Ernest Hemingway

Happy Haunting!



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