Sidney Sime.

Sidney Sime (1867-1941) began his illustration career in the Late Victorian era.

The_Ship_of_Yoharneth (1)

The Ship of Yoharneth, by Sidney Sime.

He is known best for his fantastical illustrations of the stories by Lord Dunsany.

368px-Romance_Comes_Down_Out_of_Hilly_Woodlands (1)

Romance Comes Down, by Sidney Sime.

Anyone who is a student or fan of fantasy art will eventually find the dreamy, ornate, and spiritually laced works of Sime. I would like to see one of his works on a large scale, say, a ten-foot tall wall mural. Nothing else in the viewing room but a low couch of throw cushions, a bowl of grapes, a hookah pipe. The room is dim, only a single soft light illuminating the mural. But for now, I must settle for book and online views.


The Soul of Andelsprutz, by Sidney Sime.

For more information, visit The Sime Gallery.


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