Haunted Key West.

Should you ever find yourself in Key West, a night of ghost hunting is an alternative to bar hopping and munching conch fritters (not that such activities aren’t fun, too, but they grow old after 2-3 weeks).

The Key West Ghosts & Mysteries Tour is a walking tour that leads to the gate of Harry Truman’s Presidential Compound, a graveyard, several haunted houses and other spooky places, the creepiest of which for me was an abandoned Masonic Lodge building.

In the photo above, one of our guides is explaining some haunting tidbit. In the second photo, the kneeling woman tries to contact the spirits of a sad story regarding the house behind her.  We didn’t contact any ghosts or see orbs that night, but it was a fun and informing tour.

If you favor the macabre, the supernatural, and anything ghosty, a personal visit to pay homage to Robert is a must.


Robert “the doll.” –Photo by Dark Oak

I swear, this photo was in focus when I snapped the shot.  I admit, I chickened out and asked Robert’s permission before taking it. After reading all the letters of evil happenings on the walls around him, I opted for good manners. Did I dodge bad luck or a bad accident?  We will never know, as you can’t prove a negative!  More about Robert:  Read More

Trolley Tours is also a fun and easy way to see the haunted places at the end of the United States.